Six Weeks To Six Pack Abs: Day 2

Welcome to day two of my “Six Weeks To Six Pack Abs” journey.


Yesterday was a brilliant start to my Six Weeks To Six Pack Abs journey, although towards the end of yesterday my detox headache started to kick in. Normally for me this doesn’t happen until day two so it was a nice little surprise.


It wasn’t like I wasn’t expecting this to happen as it’s a part of the “Healing Crisis” the body goes through as it flushes out the stored toxins from the fat cells to be taken to the liver and kidneys for elimination.


The severity of the headache is largely dependant on how toxic your body is before you start the EAT Smart Diet Solution. In my experience as a Health Coach people who drink lots of caffeinated beverages as well as “sugar” junkies tend to be hit the hardest. This is because the body, especially the brain has got used to having “instant energy” in the form of caffeine and sugar to tap into. However given time the body can adjust and start to tap into our fat stores, after all that is how we have evolved as a species.

During our evolution we wouldn’t have had food available all day every day like we do now and so the body evolved to store any excess carbohydrates that we ate as fat, which in turn would give us energy in times were there wasn’t much food to eat.

Drinking plenty of water with a small pinch of Hymalayan Crytal Salt will help to speed up the process of detoxification. As will adding the juice of fresh lemons and fresh ginger to your water. Lemon is a natural detoxifying agent packed with vitamins. Drinking lemon water regularly will help to cleanse the bowel helping to prevent constipation and diarrhea. It can also dissolve uric acid build up and other poisons in the liver speeding the body’s ability to detoxify itself. This is the reason why I start each day with 2 pints of water and a whole fresh lemon squeezed into it.


My training session for day one consisted mainly of compound exercises with dumbbells which felt a little heavier than normal which affect the reps I was shooting for but I have no doubt that my strength will be back to where it normally is very soon.


My nutrition for day one was spot on and I haven’t been tempted to drink any cappuccino’s. I even went to the local supermarket café and had some water. The Force is Strong in this Jedi 😉



Here’s my food for Day One:


  • 2 pints of water with one whole lemon squeezed into them
  • 3 egg banana omelette. You can check out the banana omelette recipe here ==>>
Six Pack Abs breakfast day 1















Large Avocado Salad

six pack abs lunch day 2













  • Chicken stirfry with loads of green veg



  • 3 litres of water with a small Hymalayan Crystal Salt on top of the 2 pints I had first thing.
  • 3 x lemon & ginger tea
  • 4 x tulsi tea between 2pm and bed


(At 78kg I should be drinking 3.4 litres of water per day.)


See you tomorrow.


Marc Kent author EAT Smart Diet Solution



Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


Is dehydration holding your training back and causing you pain?

Most people that I know are severely dehydrated, trying to get by only one or two cups of water per day. Or worse still, they don’t drink any water at all with their fluid intake coming from tea, coffee or artificial beverages such as soda pop and fizzy drinks.

Water is the most crucial thing to sustain life, not just for humans but pretty much every living thing on the planet. For instance if you fail to water your plants for a few days they begin to show signs of dehydration by becoming brittle, leaves then start to die and fall from the branches and pretty soon the whole plant shrivels up and dies.

With the human body being over 75% water, it is of vital importance that you drink lots of fresh clean water per day to allow it to carry out every little task that it does second to second, minute by minute on a day-to-day basis.

The human body is truly an amazing organism and will try to adapt to every situation that it finds itself in. Although that isn’t always a good thing.

So when the body doesn’t receive enough water, it steps in to protect itself and begins by rationing what water that it does get. Histamine, a neurotransmitter then becomes active and begins to redistributes water throughout the body with it’s priorities being the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, and the glands.  Then come the muscles, bones and skin (one of the first signs of dehydration is dry skin).

During long periods of dehydration, histamine makes sure that these vital organs have enough water to function. If you are not supplying the body with enough water the body will begin to pull it from other areas of the body.

Chronic dehydration can cause histamine to become over active, which can cause symptoms for other disorders such as asthma, constipation, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, depression, muscle pain and joint pain!

So with histamine redistributing the water it receives and pulling it away from the muscles and joints in favour of the brain, lungs and digestive organs the muscles then start to become toxic.

With every action in your body there is a reaction. Just as a car burns petrol and produces waste gases the body produces by-products from respiration, digestion and muscle contractions. If the body doesn’t get a plentiful supply of water these toxins build up in the muscles and lead to pain.

When you drink sufficient water your body flushes these from the muscles where they are excreted through urination.

A further complication of dehydration is joint pain. The cartilage in your joints is primarily composed of water. During movement these joint surfaces glide over each other and some of the cells become worn. The body then produces new cells to replace the worn and damaged ones. But due to the lack of blood supply to the cartilage water is required to transport the nutrients to help maintain and repair these damaged surfaces. Due to the lack of water the joint compartments will then become closer together resulting in increased friction, and wear and tear.

This will have a knock on effect to any fitness training that you are doing. The body will always prefer protection over function and will reduce the force output of muscle acting on dehydrated joints which will make you weaker in the gym. So if you are unable to train to the intensity’s that you would be capable of you are not going to burn as many calories as you would expect and your fat loss will be slowed.

So the take home message is: drink lots of fresh clean water daily. As a rough guide you should be drinking at least a litre of water for every 50lb of body weight. And get yourself a water filter to remove all the nasty’s found in tap water.

Marc Kent author EAT Smart Diet Solution

5 Reasons You’ve Stopped Losing Fat

As an Holistic Health Coach I often have people approach me who are frustrated that their weight loss has come to a screeching halt, despite doing everything right.

There are many reasons why fat loss slows or indeed stops, and so I’d like to offer you five top tips on why you’ve stopped losing fat. All you have to do is take action on the steps I’m giving you and you’ll begin to see the results again.

Reason 1

You’re A Worry Wart! 🙂

Stress, or worse still “stressing” about why you’re not losing weight is the fastest way to slam the brakes on with your fat loss efforts.


Our body is perfectly adapted to deal with acute, short term stress situations, think survival! As the human species evolved we would have faced life or death situations on a regular basis, in these situations our bodies would have dumped a ton of cortisol into the blood stream as part of our “flight or fight” response.

One of cortisol’s jobs is to help stimulate the release of glycogen and fatty acids from  the fat stores to give us energy to fight or run.

Trouble is that if the stress situation that caused the release of cortisol isn’t life threatening and you don’t burn all that glucose in your blood stream you end up with high blood sugar levels which is bad.

Elevated blood sugar levels result in the pancreas releasing insulin to store the glucose, trouble is insulin does its job rather too well and leaves you with low blood sugar levels resulting in sugar cravings.

So top tip number 1 is to stop stressing about “when” your fat loss is going to happen and as sure as eggs is eggs it will, as long as you are following the rest of these tips 🙂

Reason 2

You’re not getting enough sleep!

Sleep is a vital component to any weight loss program and it follows on from reason 1 of why you have stopped losing weight.

Sleep is the time our body uses to repair its self from the trials and tribulations from the day’s events. Cortisol (there’s that word again) normally peaks in the morning between 6am and 9a.m and then steadily declines as the sun sets.

As cortisol drops the body starts to increase the release of the growth and repair hormones testosterone and growth hormone. As we sleep these hormones get to work on repairing our bodies and burning fat.

Trouble is, sitting up watching late night TV or playing Xbox keeps cortisol levels high, you essentially ‘train’ your body to stay awake when you should be sleeping. And because it takes several hours for cortisol levels to drop you cut into your bodies repair time, this leads to reduced recovery and you feeling constantly tired.

This its self is a stress which results in- you guessed it- more cortisol.

So not only is stress resulting in increased cortisol, so is a lack of sleep which puts you into a catch 22 situation, your stressed because you’re not sleeping and you’re not sleeping because you are stressed.

Now if that wasn’t bad enough all this extra cortisol has to be stored somewhere. Your liver deals with excess cortisol production but if it can’t for reasons I’ll come on to in a reason number 3 of why you’ve stopped losing fat, the excess cortisol is shunned to specialised fat cells in your abdomen known as the greater omentum, resulting in a fat belly.

Tip 2: Sleep more

Aim to be in bed by 10:00pm and a sleep 10:30pm and aim to get at least 8-9 hours sleep per night at least 5 nights per week.

To do this I highly recommend that you get some dimmer switches and dim the lights. Stay away from late night TV and anything that stimulates or upsets you, so don’t watch the news before bed as it’s all doom and gloom.

Stay away from caffeine as that acts as a stimulant and also elevates cortisol.

Reason 3

You’re too toxic

Most people who go on a typical weight loss diet continue to consume foods that are toxic to the body, such as alcohol, caffeine and processed foods. Trouble is these foods are usually covered in pesticides and or filled with artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners; all these substances are toxic to the body.

One of the roles of the liver is to metabolise these toxins. Trouble is, it cannot deal with every man made substance and it sends them to your fat stores to lock them out of your blood stream.

Think of your fat stores as a toxic dumping ground, so if you’re eating foods that the body finds toxic you are actually preventing fat loss. You’re body won’t release fat to be burned by the muscles as fuel as you risk dumping all of these toxins into the blood stream and poisoning yourself.

Top tip 3 EAT Smart

Reduce or eliminate all foods that the body finds toxic, if you stop putting toxins in, your body will then start to get them out, download a free copy of the EAT Smart Diet Solution to find out what foods you need to avoid.


Reason 4

You’re not drinking enough water

If there was ever a diet secret then water would be it!

Water is extremely important to the human body, in fact we cannot survive without it. Water is used to hydrate every single cell in the body, as fresh clean water comes into the body, ‘old dirty water’ is flushed out. If fresh clean water isn’t coming into the system the body is forced to hold onto as much of the ‘dirty water’ to recycle it.

This leads to water retention as well as a whole host of other health problems such as constipation, migraines, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Dehydration also leads to dry skin and prevents the body from burning fat.

If we go back to reason 3, the body will not release any of the toxins locked inside the fat cells because it puts your cellular health in danger, therefore you can cut back on calories and exercise as much as you like but you are fighting you’re bodies survival mechanism .

Top tip 4

Drink fresh clean water every day and lots of it!

This one tip can help reduce your risk of developing life threatening diseases as well as help you drop a ton of body fat. In fact one of my clients changed her regular beverage for water and lost 7lb in one week! That’s 7lb without changing anything but what she drank on a daily basis.

So how much water should you be drinking?

Aim for 1 litre for every 50lb of body weight. So if you weigh 150lb you should be aiming for 3 litres of water per day.

My top tip to help you absorb this increased water intake and so you don’t spend all day in the bath room is to add a small pinch of Himalayan crystal salt to every litre. You can read the health benefits of Himalayan crystal salt here.

Reason 5

You’re eating far too many carbs for your activity levels

We have been conditioned by the media and medical community to eat lots of carbohydrates for energy; in fact we have been told that we should cut back on as much fat as possible while raising our carbohydrate levels.

While this might seem like an obvious step to take, after all, fat contains 9 calories per gram where as carbs contain only 4. Trouble is we need fat. It helps produce vitamins as well as helps to keep us full as they digest slowly; carbs on the other hand get turned into glucose rapidly in the body. In fact the digestion of carbs begins in your mouth so that by the time it hits the stomach it is basically sugar.

This sugar gets dumped into the blood stream leading to a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, as mentioned previously high blood sugar results in an insulin spike and the storage of the sugar.

The muscles and the liver are your bodies primary glucose storage tanks but if these are full due to the over consumption of carbs you will end up storing excess carbohydrates in your fat cells.

As mentioned an insulin response creates low blood glucose levels and leads to sugar cravings. If this high blood sugar/ low blood sugar roller coaster continues for long enough you will eventually become insulin resistant. This means the body’s cells ignore insulin and you end up with chronically high blood sugar levels which lead to obesity and diabetes.

Top Tip 5

Reduce your starchy carbohydrate levels to match your activity levels. If fat loss is your priority then concentrate on filling up on cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach and the like and don’t be afraid to eat fat.

Bonus! Reason 6

You’ve cut your calories too low for too long

I mention in the EAT Smart Diet Solution that counting calories is a bit of a wild goose chase but there comes a point where you just are not eating enough to sustain your metabolism.

Your metabolic rate is the rate your body uses energy from the food you eat. Imagine the food you eat being like the fuel for your car, if you fail to top your cars fuel tank up at regular intervals sooner or later you will run out.

This is basically what happens with your body if you fail to give your body the nutrients it needs, it will eventually go into survival mode and start to use muscle tissue as fuel and store everything you eat as fat. And because of the amount of muscle you have partly dictates how many calories you burn you need to avoid this scenario as much as possible.

Top tip 6

As a general rule of thumb eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on a regular basis, be sure to eat the most nutritious foods you can find as listed in the EAT Smart Diet Solution. This will ensure your body gets everything it needs to thrive and a healthy body will naturally ditch any excess body fat.

Put these 6 top tips to use and you will discover that dropping excess body fat doesn’t have to be a chore.




Marc Kent author EAT Smart Diet Solution