Proof Is In The Pudding, A Case Study

This is the third and final part of my mini series of articles Training Hard, Without EATing Smart Will Leave You Short Of the Fat Loss Results You Want and the following from “It Is About Your Hormones, BUT Not How You Think”


And this is basically what was happening with one of my clients, I’ll call her Mary.



Now Mary has been training with me for over two years now and we got some great results initially as she implemented my EAT Smart Diet Solution into her nutrition, although she refused to give up alcohol at first, she reasoned that she needed it to unwind of an evening due to her extremely stressful job.



And to be honest in the beginning, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to keep training Mary if she wasn’t will to follow the advice she was paying for. But I thought if I keep educating her on the effects of alcohol on her health. Eventually when Mary was ready she adopted the EAT Smart Diet Solution 100% for my 21 Day Challenge and in that time the results were nothing short of amazing.



At the end of the 21 days, Mary had lost 14lbs and it was all down the adopting the EAT Smart Diet Solution principles 100% as we didn’t change any of her exercise program.



I’m going to hand over to ‘Mary’ now so she can tell the story in her own words:


“When I first came for personal training I adopted the EAT Smart Diet Solution principles, apart from drinking wine and eating crisps and initially I still lost weight.



I was exercising every day (bootcamp or personal training) and walking 2 and a half miles twice a day trying to out exercise the shortfall of my diet! This worked in the beginning when I had more weight to lose, but it soon plateaued and I didn’t lose any more weight.



After a major operation I re-evaluated my nutrition and drastically reduced my wine and crisp intake, (I had never really gone back to eating processed carbs (apart from the crisps), and for a while I met with some success


However my weight began to creep up as my stress levels increased, I’ve always had a lot of constant stress in my life leading to consistently high levels of cortisol, but this time it was even more and it felt like no matter what I did my weight wouldn’t come down.


I had began to feel really uncomfortable and bloated especially round my middle (visceral fat!), my face and eyes were very puffy and my skin dryer than usual before I finally felt able to take control of it.  This was at the same time as the additional stress factors eased off and so I decided to give the EAT Smart Diet Solution 100% effort for 21 days


Before I did the 21-day challenge I was drinking about 5 large glasses (250 ml) of wine a night and about 7 – 8 packets of crisps!  I didn’t eat an evening meal but drank wine and ate crisps instead.  I also ate fruit by itself twice a day. Over the last few months I had gradually moved away from the EAT smart principles, eating all sorts of things I don’t normally eat such as sandwiches and chocolates.  I was also regularly eating 2 slices of granary bread for breakfast with boiled eggs, which automatically kicked off my IBS but I still ate it anyway.



I was finding it very difficult to get up in the mornings, felt very tired and often very low generally.  I think I must have been very grumpy too, as the positive comments I received from colleagues during the 21-day challenge are anything to go by.  I found the challenge very difficult, as I’m not really a foodie, it does nothing for me, I eat to live not the other way round, although my diet might not have been the ideal for longevity!



The only downside I had was difficulty sleeping all the way through but the plus to that was even if I hadn’t slept I could still get up in the morning!  The pluses were better skin, less puffy face and particularly eyes (I was really quite shocked by the difference as I had put the suitcases under my eyes down to poor sleep), the relief of pressure around my middle, ability to get up in the morning, going to the supermarket at any time if I had forgotten something (not being under the influence), and much more energy (ask my staff at work),


I’m much happier at work and of course losing weight and inches makes it all worth while.  As I was already doing more than the exercise required by the 21 day challenge these changes are purely down to a change in nutrition.”



So there you go guys, proof if ever any was needed that the EAT Smart Diet Solution principles work if you work the principles. Mary is living proof that you simply cannot out exercise bad nutritional practices.



Put the EAT Smart Diet Solution to work for you today and get the body transformation that you want.


Train Hard, EAT Smart (100%),


Marc Kent


Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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Training Hard, Without EATing Smart Will Leave You Short Of the Fat Loss Results You Want

When I first left the Royal Marines and set up my personal training business I never really enforced any nutritional protocols on my personal training or boot camp clients.



Sure I gave them general guidelines such as don’t eat junk food, eat wholemeal this and low fat that but figured the workouts would take care of the fat loss. After all I’d been a Royal Marines Commando for 7 years and are regarded as one of the fittest fighting forces anywhere in the world.



I thought that if I delivered really tough training sessions every time, the fat would just melt off my clients.



And it worked, well for some of my clients. But for others they were not seeing that weight loss that they were paying me for. Sure they were getting fit, in fact some of them were running personal bests in their races even though I’d stopped them running to concentrate on getting strong and using the metabolic training principles that I know deliver the fastest fat loss results.



In fact, I’d done these programs myself and had been getting brilliant results from them and yet they weren’t delivering consistent results for my clients.


It Was Working For Me………..


And so I began to think about what I was doing different to my clients. My diet has always been pretty good as I knew eating well would not only give me loads of energy for training, but it would also allow me to develop six pack abs when the summer months came around. Vain I know, but I strongly believe that a personal trainer should not only walk the talk and actually do the things that he wants his clients to do.



And that’s when it hit me, I was being brilliant with my nutrition, my clients who were following the little bit of nutritional advice I was giving them were getting results, and that just left the others who weren’t getting the fat loss results they were looking for, thy were simply using exercise as an excuse to eat junk.



It was weird really, as I always knew you couldn’t out exercise a bad diet and so why was I letting my clients try? Maybe it was fear on my behalf. After all, they were getting their butts kick, pretty hard in their training sessions, why should I tell them that they can’t eat what they want.



But that was it, they were paying me for a result and I wasn’t always delivering it and so I thought it was time to get tough! But not physically, the workouts were already tough enough. It was time to get tough and insist that my clients follow the nutritional advice I gave them. And that worked, for some.


Don’t Believe Everything You Read In The Press


It was starting to get frustrating now. All my clients were following the nutritional advice I had been giving them, this was the same advice that you would get from dieticians or nutritionists and that you would see in all the magazines. You know the advice I mean, swop white bread for brown bread, swop full fat for low fat etc. but yet it wasn’t working, well at least not all of the time.



I then started to look at the quantities of foods that my clients were eating, maybe just maybe they were eating far too many calories. But that wasn’t always the case as I discovered that some of my clients had been using ‘skinny shakes’ you know the sort. Drink a shake for breakfast and lunch and then have a normal meal for dinner. Some of them were taking in less than 600 calories per day, were still not losing weight, some of them had even gained some weight and were literally petrified of eating food!



600 calories is the equivalent of a large fast food milk shake. Seriously how could it be possible that you could ingest the less food than the body needed to survive and still gain fat.



It seems obvious to me, but it wasn’t about the calories per se, it was the type of calories and the effect it had on the body.



And so I started to look in more detail at the effects of foods on the body. I researched the internet reading medical journal after medical journal and I bought book after book on nutrition and currently have over a hundred books sat at home on nutrition and its affects on the body.



The biggest ‘aha’ moment was when I realised that every single food we eat has an effect on endocrine function or to put it another way, the foods that we eat had a direct effect on our bodies hormones, be that good of bad.


I’ll be talking about the roles of hormones in part two: It Is About Your Hormones, BUT Not How You Think


Train Hard, EAT Smart!


Marc Kent

Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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The Story Of The Three Little Pigs And My Beliefs On Nutrition

3 liitle pigsNutrition, it’s a minefield. It seems that everyone you talk to has an opinion and everyone wants to offer you advice on what to eat, what not to eat and what constitutes a “healthy diet”



And when it comes to fat loss everyone is divided on what the best method is for shifting the pounds. From low fat, high carb diets, to no carb diets, to shakes to pills, and even the good old everything in moderation speech that people cling to as a justification to eating junk.



But what is moderation? Is one bar of chocolate per day a moderate amount? Or maybe one or two glasses of wine per night is a moderate amount? And the thing is, what could be classed as a moderate amount for one person could be classed as excessive for another.


EAT Smart Diet Solution caloriesThen you get the “it’s all about calories brigade, as long as you burn more than you eat you’ll lose weight”


But is that 100% true?


It most definitely is not, as I’m sure you have a friend that can tuck the food away like it’s going out of fashion and not put weight on. Likewise I’m sure you have a friend that only has to look at a piece of cake and they end up gaining weight and then blame their hormones.


Thing is, if you are struggling to lose weight, even if you have reduced you food intake and have started exercising, then it most likely has everything to do with your hormones.


BUT before you give up and accept your current situation, or seek medication for a thyroid problem or worse consider surgery let me tell you all is not lost.


Baring injury the body that you wear today is the direct result of everything that you have eaten and drank up until this point. The food that we eat and the beverages that we drink are the raw materials of our ever-changing body.  What you put in, is what you get out.


Lets look at it another way. If you were to build a house from the ground up you would or at least should make sure that the ground is level, build strong sturdy foundations and use the best quality material to ensure that the house would remain standing.


It’s a little bit like the “Three Little Pigs” story we all learned at school. The first little pig was lazy and grabbed at the first thing he could to build his house. Unfortunately straw isn’t great raw materials for building a house and so the wolf ate him.


This is like the person who grabs at the first sugary treat or eats processed foods at every single meal. Sure it gets the job done and you fill you stomach but in the long run the lack of nutrients will keep you constantly craving food and the constant blood sugar spikes will lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. In time your body will come crumbling down with problems such as obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease and cancer.


The second little pig built his house out of wood and granted it was stronger than the straw house, but the wolf still managed to blow the house down and eat the pig, it just took a little more effort on the wolfs part.


The second little pig is like the person who still eats the junk BUT is “exercising” so its ok. To some this might sound ok as the exercise will burn off the junk that they are eating. If only it was as simple as that.



Our body is constantly repairing, rebuilding and renewing every single cell that makes up “you” and the food that you eat is the raw materials the body uses. While exercise is an extremely important part of building a healthy body it also accelerates the break down and rebuilding of our body so we can become stronger, fitter and leaner. If you keep putting the junk and poor quality foods into your body and short change it of all the nutrients it needs it simply wont be able rebuild you a better body. Simply put, you cannot out exercise a bad diet and sooner or later your body will break.


So that leaves us with the third little pig who took his time and built himself a house of bricks and eventually outsmarted the big bad wolf. To build yourself the best, strongest and most robust body ever then you I believe you absolutely must give your body the best raw materials possible.


That means staying away from factory farmed fish and meats that are filled with hormones, antibiotics and are kept in awful living conditions.


It means staying away from dairy which is associated with osteoporosis, childhood diabetes and even cancer, simply put cows milk is for baby cows and we are the only species on the planet that thinks it’s ok to drink another mammals baby food, and from a species that is nothing like us on a biological level.


It means staying away from genetically modified crops such as wheat, which has been cross bred to make it better for making into bread and more profitable for the food industry. Wheat is filled with gluten, which is extremely hard for humans to digest, and causes no end of problems like IBS, diarrhoea, bloating and constipation.


no alcoholIt means reducing or eliminating alcohol which can have a devastating affect on every single organ in the body and can lead to obesity, diabetes, liver failure, gout, cancer and addiction which can destroy families.


It means reducing your caffeine intake, which robs you of energy and interferes with your body’s hormone levels. Caffeine has a direct effect on you adrenal glands forcing the body to secrete adrenalin and puts us on high alert ready for a fight or flight response. It’s this fight or flight response that allowed our ancestors to fight off sabre-toothed tigers but we don’t have much need for this state of readiness while sat at a desk.


Cortisol is also secreted which dumps lots of glucose into the blood to give us the energy for the fight, but because it doesn’t get used insulin is secreted to return the blood sugar levels back to normal, this results in lower blood sugar and craving for sugary foods.


Over time caffeine consumption can lead to anxiety, irritability, mood swings, sleep disturbance, depression and chronic fatigue.  Because caffeine stimulates fight or flight it can also impair digestion, sleep and lead to thyroid problems.


It means eliminating processed foods from your diet that are devoid of nutrients and are filled with preservatives, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners such as aspartame and MSG.


Aspartame consumption has been linked to brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, lymphoma, birth defects, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. While side effects from MSG range from migraine headaches, panic attacks, sciatica, Huntington’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) with both being linked to Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.


Both aspartame and MSG and its many pseudonyms are used in nearly every single processed and fast food meals and is rife in kids food.


It means drinking more water. The human body is over 75% water and just a slight drop in hydration levels can set of a cascade of symptoms from headaches, low back pain, high blood pressure, depression, high cholesterol, asthma and diabetes. If chronic dehydration goes untreated the body becomes over acidic and cancers start to form. Most people seek medication when they suffer any of the above symptoms.


But medication simply suppresses the symptoms, in other words they hide the pain and are not without their own side effects. Drinking more water will prevent or even cure most of the problems list above. Aim for 1 litre of water per 50lb of body weight (yes, the larger you are the more you need). Not convinced? Then please read the brilliant book “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water: You’re Not Sick You’re Thirsty” by Dr Batmanghelidj


It means EATing Smart!


I truly believe that by implementing the EAT Smart Diet Solution protocols and eliminating all toxins from your diet then you can build a healthier you.


Marc Kent


Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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Three Common Fat Loss Myths

If you have been struggling with weight loss for a while and getting more and more confused with the conflicting information in all the magazines and on all the websites then this quick article will expose 3 common weight loss myths and reveal the truth so you can burn fat faster and get the body you have always wanted.



Weight Loss Myth One: You have to burn more than you eat.


This is the classic calories vs calories out lie that has been handed out by nearly every personal trainer and his dog. This lie states that you have to eat less than you burn off and weight loss would be assured.


If it was just a case of calories in vs calories out, then everyone who went on a calorie reduced diet would lose weight. In reality this is not the case as not all people lose weight on a reduced calorie diet, and some people even gain weight. Conversely, some people lose weight by eating more calories than they burn off.


Weight Loss Truth: Your body doesn’t know calories, it only knows nutrients and therefore a nutrient dense diet is the quickest way to reduce fat without cutting calories. Simply eliminate all the nutrient poor and calorie rich processed rubbish from your diet and replace it with nutrient rich foods and not only will you gain more energy, and feel fuller but you’ll also start to lose the fat.


Bottom line: it’s the quality of the calorie that counts not the amount. Start by removing all processed foods from your diets and replacing it with more organic meats, fruits and veggies and you will be on your way to faster fat loss results.


Weight Loss Myth Two: You have to go on a low fat diet to lose weight.


This myth is a direct follow on from the calories in vs calories out lie. The reason why this little lie is peddled is because fat contains 9 calories compared with protein and carbohydrates which both contain 4 calories per gram.


On the face of it, it seems logical as fat contains over twice the energy value of proteins and carbs. But cutting fats leaves you wide open to cravings. Eating fats helps you to stay fuller longer and so you are less likely to over eat. Fat is also essential for healthy brain function, keeping your hair and skin healthy as well as producing important fat burning hormones.


Fat also helps you lose weight as this study by Kekwick and Pawan reported in The Lancet shows. The study assigned test subjects into three groups and had subjects consuming 1000-calorie diets.


One group consumed 90% of their calories from fat.

One group consumed 90% of their calories from protein.

One group consumed 90% of their calories from carbohydrates.


At the end of the study when the results were complied the group consuming 90% of their calories from fat lost the most weight.


The group consuming 90% of their calories from protein lost less that the 90% fat group.


The group that ate 90% of their calories from carbohydrates actually gained weight!


The bottom line: you need to eat fat to lose fat. Just ensure it is healthy, natural fats such as coconut oil, almond oil, walnut oil and olive oil.



Weight Loss Myth Three: You have to do cardio in your fat burning zone to get the best results.


This myth states that you have to do long bouts of cardio to burn the most fat and is a follow on from the first two myths and is based around the calories in vs calories out lie.


Granted you burn a higher percentage of calories from fat when you are in your “fat burning zone” but the overall calorie burn is what matters and once you stop exercising the fat burning stops.


Weight Loss Truth: The famous Tremblay study compared two groups of people. The first group did 30-35 minutes of exercise 4 or 5 times per week for 21 weeks. The second group did a 15 week program using high intensity interval style training.


When the results were compiled the high intensity group burned 900% fat than the first group despite training for 5 weeks less and burning nearly 50% less total calories.  This is because high intensity exercise causes your body to burn more calories and fat after exercise then steady state cardio does.


The bottom line: your fat loss and weight loss results are directly linked to the amount of effort you put in during your workouts. Train hard in each and everyone of your training programs and you will be rewarded with better results.



So there you go, three common weight loss myths. Now that you know these myths you will be able to implement the fat loss truths that I have given you into your lifestyle. By doing so you will be on the road to a leaner, healthier you.


Marc Kent

Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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My Story And How The EAT Smart Diet Solution Was Born

As long as I can remember I’ve always been “into fitness”. It started at school when I played in the football and hockey teams, competed in all the sports days and played football every night on the field behind my house.


As I got older I would read and implement all the nutritional and training strategies that all the body building magazines would print and no matter what I never looked like the guys in the magazines. It was only later that I found out that they were all on steroids and the kind of physiques they had were out of reach for most guys unless you were willing to take dangerous drugs to get there. No thank you.


After a brief stint racing motorbikes, I decided that I want a more physical challenge and so decided to join the Royal Marines Commandos. The Royal Marines are an elite fighting unit of the British Armed Forces and to become a Green Beret you need to not only be fit but mentally strong. These were qualities that were tested to the max during the 32 weeks of Commando training.


It was during my times in the Marines that I really started to study fitness and so enrolled on a Personal Training course so I could learn the science behind how the body works and adapts to certain exercise principles. Quickly after my Personal Training qualification I started to suffer from an old injury that I sustained during basic training and so studied advanced Sports Therapy to better learn how to rehabilitate not only myself but other people who were injured and returning to fitness training.


I left the Marines in 2008 and embarked on a career as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist. Things were going great, I was getting clients and they were getting results.


In fact some were getting outstanding results dropping loads of inches and pounds on the scales, whereas others were getting less impressive results despite following the same style of fitness program.


I knew my fitness programs worked after having witnessed great results from some of my clients and it was then that I started to look deeper into the nutrition side of things.


As I dug deeper into nutrition I realised that its not just about calories in vs calories out like so many people would have you believe. In fact calories are irrelevant if the bodies hormonal system is all messed up. And so I started to look into ways to reboot the body and getting the endocrine system working in my clients favour rather than against it.


I started by encouraging my clients to eliminate all foods that the body found to be toxic or caused a stress response. I got them to increase their water intake. I got them to get to bed earlier and encouraged them to find time to relax a little more and when I integrated this into their training programs the results came thick and fast.

Clients who had been struggling with their weight loss for years before they came to me soon found that they were dropping 1lb-19lb in only a matter of weeks.


The EAT Smart Diet Solution was born from all this study and practical implementation and works with everyone who implements this lifestyle.

Train Hard, EAT Smart!


Marc Kent


Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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Friday Fitness Facts

It’s Friday and time for some more Friday Fitness Facts To Help You Look And Feel Fabulous


1. Exercise Helps To De-stress


While not everyone likes the idea of exercising and for some the very thought of walking into a gym could be quite stressful but once you actually start exercising you your stress levels will go down.

Exercise produces a relaxation response and can serve as a positive distraction that carries over to other areas of your life. Exercise can help to elevate your mood and keep the feelings of depression at bay.

You’re not the only person who will benefit from the positive aspects of adding exercise into your life. When you are less stressed, you’ll become less irritable and this will carry over into your work and family life.


2. Exercise Helps Prevent Disease

Research has shown that exercise can slow down or prevent the onset of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis (bone loss), and loss of muscle mass. Exercise has also been shown to slow down the aging process.

Regular exercise can help to strengthen the muscles, joints and improve flexibility and mobility, this in turn will reduce many of the aches and pain most adults have, mostly because of the inactive lives they lead.

And as long as you don’t overdo do it, exercise has been shown to boost immune function, helping to ward off colds and flu’s. Trouble is most people don’t get enough exercise.



3. Exercise Lets You Eat More

Pound for pound, muscle is more metabolically active than fat. In other words muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn, even at rest. And of course you also burn calories while you are exercising.


All this means you can eat more food without gaining weight. However it doesn’t mean you can eat junk every day and expect your waistline to shrink. What it does mean is that the occasional cheat meal wont set you back 10 steps on your weight loss journey.


So once you’ve been through the first 30 days of the EAT Smart Diet Solution you can then go into the 90/10 phase. What this means is that as long as you are eating to the EAT Smart rules 90% of the time you can have the occasional treat without risking piling the weight you have lost.


So if you’re eating 3 times per day, over the course of the week you will have eaten 21 meals and that allows you to eat 2-3 “unhealthy” meals per week without negatively affecting your weight loss.


There you go guys, three more fitness facts to help you slim down and look fantastic.


Marc Kent


Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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3 Tips To Better Health


Warning: Do Not Read If Easily Offended

As a holistic health specialist and personal trainer I really admire people who decide to change their health for the better by following an exercise and healthy eating program.


Whether that is following my EAT Smart Diet Solution program and fitness program or someone else I totally respect them, as it often takes a lot of courage to walk into a personal training studio, gym or even one of the local weekly weight loss clubs.


Often people, especially the overweight feel self conscious of how they appear and worry more about what other people think of them. In fact its often this fear of what others think that puts a lot of people off walking into a personal training studio or gym in the first place.


Their concern is that they are too fat and that everyone else there is already super human fit and that the gym is full of men like built like Ryan Reynolds or ladies that look like Jessica Alba



And even if there are members in good shape, people often forget that they too hard to have a first exercise session at some point. Maybe they too felt the same way as you do now.


So what does tell you?


That once you take that first stop across the door you might be pleasantly surprised to find normal every day people that have taking that first step themselves and if you look at their shoes they may have taken a 1000 steps further than you metaphorically speaking.


And those people who have been were you are will be more than willing to support you on your journey.


So if you are thinking about taking that first step on the road to a fitter, healthier you then I’d like to share with you these tips that will make that journey not only quicker but safer too.



Tip 1: Hire A Professional


It’s very tempting to go up the gym with the big arms pumping out the bicep curls or the hot looking lady and ask them for advice. It’s easy to think that because they’re in good shape so they must know what they are talking about.


Just because a person appears to be in incredible shape doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing, or MORE IMPORTANTLY that they are qualified to help other people in their quest for fitness and health.


Often people who are in shape either got there by accident and maybe suffered a few injuries along the way, or they were in pretty good shape from the get go and have no experience of going from fat to thin.


Hiring a professional who has a proven track record of helping people like yourself get the kind of results that you want is quite possibly the best investment you could make for your health.


A professional will be able to give you a training program that is designed for your body as it is now. A properly structured and designed program should incorporate corrective exercise elements to bring your posture back into alignment and improve the integrity of your kinetic chain. Simply follow a mates program, one from the magazines or copying the fit guy or girl in the gym could be a recipe for injury and disaster.


Tip 2: Follow A Principle Based Nutrition Program


Diet! It’s a scary word and one that has many people feeling like a failure before they even start one.


“I can’t stick to a diet”


I’ve heard that sentence hundreds of times and it’s not that the person saying it has no will power, its just the diets that they have followed up to now have failed them.


Most diets have you focusing on counting calories, checking points or drinking disgusting shakes. The fact is that any diet that has you behaving like this is doomed. You cannot live your life with a calorie pocket book in your bag or checking points or mixing shakes.


You become a slave to eating.


And because these kinds of diets allow you to eat crap, yes that is a technical word for junk you have to eat less of it to lose weight.


Trouble is, all that crap messes with your bodies hormones so much that you either crave it or it your metabolism gets screwed and so you end up gaining fat even when you’re only eating 500 calories per day.


So, how about a little common sense?


The EAT Smart Diet Solution isn’t so much as a diet but a change in thinking. Human’s evolved eating natural, organic meats, fruits and vegetables and we did it with hardly any of the disease that is killing modern man.



Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma are all modern diseases brought about by our excessive eating of processed crap that is not designed to nourish our body’s, but instead line the wallets of the food manufacturers making it.



They haven’t got your best interest at heart, they only care about their bank balance.


You are the only person responsible for your health and you owe to yourself, and your kids if you have any to look after yourself, because who will look after your kids if you became ill?


Did I gilt trip you there? Maybe that was my intention!


Sometimes when we are told the stone cold truth it finally hits home the dangers of eating crap.


Or maybe you’re thinking who does he think he is talking to me like this?


At the end of the day, I’m not trying to offend you but you can’t escape that question now that I’ve presented it.


Tip 3: Drink More Water


I’ve been beating this drum about water for a long time now and I’ll continue to do so for a long time.


Chronic dehydration and it’s side effects coupled with our addiction to is the biggest cause of all the health issues we see in modern man today.


If you haven’t read “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water: You’re Not Sick; You’re Thirsty” then please grab a copy ASAP and read it from cover to cover. It is probably one of the best books on health you could ever read?


Want to drop 30lb of weight by doing one thing?


Then drink 1 litre of water for every 50lb of bodyweight.


Sceptical? Then grab yourself a copy.


So there you go, three tips on changing your health for the better.


Sorry it turned into a bit of a rant but sometimes these things need to be said.



Marc Kent


Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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Gemma lost 13.2lb and 15.6 inches, in 21 Days

So the 21 Day EAT Smart Challenge has now come to an end, and yes I am going to miss it!!!!


I heard about the programme through e-mails that I subscribed to through Marc’s website. Reading Marc’s words describing the challenge and the potential results I couldn’t resist, however I have to admit I was a little sceptical as I had tried ‘fad diets’ before and some exercise with little or no results. I can honestly say that Marc’s exercise and food ethics are flawless.


When I first started the challenege, if I’m truely honest, I didnt warm to Marc straight away (sorry Marc) i guess i thought he was very serious and strict. After my first session i soon realised that he only behaved this way because he truely believes in what he is teaching. I now genuinely like him and am a true believer in the programme. I found it easy to relate to Kerry as like Marc she believes in the programme and is walking living proof of the results.


I expected to obvioulsy loose some weight, however nowhere near what I have lost, other than that I really didnt know what to expect. Now that I have finished the programme and reflected on my experience, yes I lost weight and inches, but more than that I have gained confidence, I am happier in myself, I have more energy to play with my son, I sleep better and my skin is spot free YEY!!!!!!


The EAT Smart Diet Solution programme, once I had read over it a few times and looked at the example receipes it was very easy to follow. I didnt really feel hungry at all, and I never had snacks between meals either, I think for me this is because I had a large glass of water before and after meals. I also enjoyed experimenting with homemade soups and using herbs and spices in my cooking.


As strange as it may seem I never felt alone doing this challenge, firstly I met some lovely other bootcampers that were always there to talk to, normally feeling the same way I was, lol. If ever I had a question or wanted some reassurance both Marc and Kerry were there to help both in person and on the website, however I got the feeling that if I really needed to speak to them I could of rang them and either one of them would have been more than happy to offer there support.


MY RESULTS: 13.2lb weight loss and 15.6 inch loss, to say I was pleased is and understatement. I was totally shocked and over the moon I never thought it would be possible.


I would recommend this challenege to anyone who is serious about wanting to shift the excess weight, I recommended it to my dad and he has signed up to the next challenege. This challenge is not for the lighthearted, you have to be commited and whigning is not an option.


I can safely say this challenege has give me the kick I needed. By no means has it been easy, alot of sweat has been shed however nothing worth doing is ever easy



You too can get the same AWESOME results from the 21 day challenge, just go to the link below to find out full details

21 Day EAT Smart Challenge