My Kryptonite……. A Christmas Tale

With the Christmas period well and truly over I’ve been having conversations with my clients and boot campers, mainly about how the “Christmas excesses” have affected me as a person.

Now as a reader of my many rants and ramblings you will know that I’m a very strong advocate of eating foods in as natural a state as possible. As a species we have evolved to eat fresh organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whatever animals we managed to kill during a hunt.

We are not designed to eat highly processed foods made with chemical flavour enhancers, chemical sweeteners or chemical colours.

We’re not designed to drink copious amounts of breast milk from another animal, especially an animal that is over 4 times the size of us and doesn’t look anything like us any way, shape or form.

We’re not designed to eat the amount of wheat that most people eat. In fact wheat is a relatively recent introduction to human nutrition. And the wheat we would of eaten back “in the day” would not be the genetically modified stuff that makes up our cakes, breads and biscuits etc.

And we wouldn’t have subscribed to the everything in moderation BS that people use. We evolved in a time of feast or famine, not little and often. So if there were food available, we would have feasted because we would never know if there was more food to come.

And this leads me to the whole point of this article.

I Marc Kent, and I’m just like you. If it’s in the house I will eat it and thus over the Christmas period I turned from Mr EAT Smart to Mr Eat What The Hell I Found.

I lost count of the number of biscuits I ate and on reflection I reckon I ate 2 dozen mince pies and my piece de resistance being my “Marc vs. Christmas Pudding Challenge”














So why am I telling you all this? Why am I confessing my sins?

Well I wanted you to know that just because I’m a health expert I am not a superhuman robot. However I do like to play on the fact that my surname is Kent and my first name rhymes with Clarke, I like to think I’m a little indestructible like the man of steel himself.













And just like Superman, I think I’ve found my kryptonite. You see by stepping away from my diet which is normally filled with tons of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and tons of water and eating what most people eat my body and mind was in a mess.

During the 5-day stint where I relaxed my nutrition my body ached like crazy, I was tired in fact I was more than tired, I had no energy and felt exhausted. I also lost my motivation for most things, was extremely quick tempered over the tiniest thing and I felt overwhelmed by many things. I got phlegmy, my digestive and elimination process didn’t work as it should and I developed a cold, and I never catch colds.

But the trouble was the more crap I ate, the more crap I wanted to eat because of the addictive chemicals that they contain to trigger your addiction pathways in your brain. It got to the point that I would eat just a single biscuit and I would get a headache

I normally have such a positive outlook on things, even when bad things happen to me or people say bad things about me but in this short period of time I was beginning to get depressed!!

And this is supposed to be the happiest time of the year.

So what gives?

I one hundred per cent without a shadow of a doubt believe that the turn around in my nutrition habit and the quality and quantity of the foods I was eating was leading to my mood swings, tiredness and depressive thoughts because now that I’m back to EATing Smart I am feeling a lot better and the weight that I gained over the Christmas period has all but gone, and I haven’t really done a hard workout yet.

One of the biggest things that all this has taught me is that is it any wonder that most people who eat a typical western diet feel like. Tired, achy, often coming down with colds, headaches, constipation, as well as developing other symptoms.

An while I never touched any over the counter medication because I knew exactly the reason why I felt crap, it is easy to see why many people do, to help suppress the symptoms they have from eating less than optimal foods.

Trouble is, and to quote my musical hero Richard Ashcroft: “the drugs don’t work, they just make you worse” as you develop more symptoms from nutrients deficient foods.

The easiest way to look at this is:

Eating crap makes you feel crap

Taking drugs to hide the crappy feeling leads to further feelings of crappiness as further symptoms develop.

You’ll then need more drugs to combat these new symptoms.

Sooner or later disease happens.

Thing is an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, so EAT Smart you’re body will thank you for it in the long run



Marc Kent