Jodie Lost 10lb & 24cm In 30 Days

Hi Marc,

Well I have completed the 30 day detox to great results.

I have lost 4.6kg/10lb 2oz & 24cm & one dress size (very close to 2!)

I am feeling fabulous, plenty of energy for my fat busting workouts. I have found the detox to be a challenge only in the respects of finding the food to eat on our little island. I missed my morning cup of tea desperately but I got up this morning  (having planned to have one first day off detox) and you know what, I forgot to have it and had my lemon & water instead!!!

I have more energy to get through the day, I get cranky if I miss time in the gym. I love the short, intense workouts as a mother of two young boys whom I home school and have 24/7 due to our current location my time is short and not having to spend hours in the gym is fantastic. It is so much easier to fit half an hour into your schedule than 2 hours! I think my moods have levelled out and I have so much more energy to play with my two little boys & run the compound.

The support, articles, emails and feedback you give is amazing, when you answer any questions of ‘like’ any messages I put up on FB I feel on top of the world, your positive feed back is always amazing so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even though I didn’t lose all I want to on the 30 day detox, I am determined to stick to the 90/10 EAT smart diet solution & along with snappy, intense workouts I know I will get to my goal weight very soon. I look forward to joining you in a 21 day challenge in the New Year to reach that goal.

Marc without your knowledge, passion & compassion this world would be a poorer & unhealthier place. I hope I can help you spread the word (at least a little) in Australia. Thankyou for all you have done and are doing, I hope more trainers become like you & embrace your philosophies and principles

kind regards

Jodie Williams