Isn’t It Funny

Hope you had a great weekend.

I spent the weekend in Bristol as I was back at college learning more cool ways in which I can help you reach your health, fitness and fat loss goals.

As you know, the Six Week Fat Loss Blueprint started today and as I was reading some of the members posts in the private Facebook I started to notice some of the comments that were being left by friends and family.

Isn’t it funny that whenever you start a fitness and fat loss program all of a sudden every man and his dog will become a ‘fitness expert’ or a nutritionist, who can’t wait to give your their 2 pennies worth of information.
They tell you that if you drink too much water it will kill you, that you need certain foods like bread and pasta for energy.

Now, the water thing is always interesting as people jump on the “WATER KILLS YOU DEAD” if you drink too much of it. Trouble is most of these people get their information from the Daily Mail. Which is all well and good but really a reliable source.

Yes water will kill you of you drink an obscene amount in a short space of time. Most fatalities around excess water intake always involve something extreme, like running a marathon in uber hot weather or drinking as much water as possible to try and win a Wii Fit (true story).

These same instant experts never advise you not to drink 10 pints on a weekend cuz “YOU MIGHT DIE” which is more likely the case

Drinking one litre of water per 50lb of bodyweight isn’t dangerous or extreme. It’s simply bodyweight specific.

Or these same people tell you that you need to eat pasta and bread for energy and fibre and that if you were to remove wheat from your diet you would somehow be removing a whole food group.

Firstly, wheat isn’t a food group it is a grain. A grain that contains gluten. Gluten is a protein which MOST humans have difficulty digesting. It is responsible for numerous conditions such as IBS, eczema and bloating.

Then when you factor in white flour is bleached, you’re better off without it.

The other thing people might tell you is that “you need to eat before exercise for energy” or “you need to eat carbs for energy”

Erm, what is body fat?

Stored energy.

And if you have lots of body fat you will have lots of stored energy.

Simply put, if you keep pouring carbohydrates into the body, it will chose to use that for energy rather than the excess body fat that you hate so much and is setting you up for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Don’t get me wrong, your body needs some carbohydrates, but you would do it a far better service by eating fibrous vegetables than clogging it up with cheap, processed wheat based products that offer no nutrition and cause more problems than they are worth.

So wary of these ‘instant experts’ as they may have good intentions but they are often ill informed.

I’ve spent most of my life studying exercise and nutrition science BUT I’ve also applied that science to real people in the real world and not simply quoting something I’ve half read on the internet. Or worse still they heard it from their mum’s best friends sisters dog


If you have any questions and health, fitness and fat loss please drop me an email and I’ll do my best to help you.


Have a great week,