Hydrate or Die, Part 1

Everyone knows that water is good for us but I don’t think people truly understand how essential water is for our health. Most people don’t know or realise what happens to our body if we don’t take in enough water on a daily basis.

Long-term dehydration can lead to a whole host of problems ranging from:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Angina
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Pain
  • High cholesterol
  • Weight gain
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes

Over the coming weeks I’m going to shed some light on why water is so important to life and why increasing your daily intake will go a long way to a fitter, healthier lifestyle as well as preventing and in some cases “curing” some of the aliments and diseases listed above.

My goal at the end of this series of articles is to highlight the link between chronic dehydration and disease emergence and provide you with enough information to make changes to your nutrition and hydration plan to help prevent many of the “dehydration diseases” so common today, and if a totally irreversible problem hasn’t developed, this information can cure them!

Water, The Basics

Scientists believe that all life came from water and that includes the evolution of the human species. These primitive life forms depended on water for everything. As early life forms started to venture away from water and onto land, water was still a vital part of their survival and therefore they didn’t wander too far. Over time life started to venture further on land and developed an intricate and complex water rationing system to allow long periods of survival away from water.

And this holds true for the primitive mammals that eventually evolved into modern man. Now despite this evolution, fresh clean water is still essential to our survival and to go just 24 hours without water will have a serious impact on your health. In fact we cannot survive more than a couple of days without a constant top up of fresh clean H2O.

During evolution primitive man didn’t always have access to clean water on a daily basis like we do now and so the body developed a complex water management system to ensure our survival.

Since every system in the human body is reliant on a constant level of optimal hydration in times of shortage the body would ration water to protect the vital organs, and this system is quite savage in nature. The bodies main priority in any water shortage is protection of the brain. The brain is only 1/50th of the bodies total weight but receives 18-20% of the bodies blood supply and so the body will pull water away from other areas to ensure the brain gets an adequate supply of blood and water.

One of the biggest downfalls of modern society is thinking that drinking tea, coffee, colas, alcohol and any other manufactured drinks is a suitable substitute for fresh clean water. The body needs fresh clean water to function and to not provide it on a regular basis can cause the body to become stressed and if left unchecked for prolonged periods of time can lead to a catastrophic failure of bodily systems resulting in disease and death!

It’s true these drinks are “dissolved” in water but they contain things that actually rid the body of its vital water supply as well as vital vitamins and minerals.  And due to either caffeine or the added chemicals to make these beverages taste nice people are developing a preference for these drinks rather than drinking “boring” water. Even young children are brought up on sugar-loaded drinks instead of water. Is it any wonder that more and more children are overweight and developing adult diseases such as adult on-set diabetes and obesity?

With the food industry getting ever more influential by spending billions to brain wash us in to thinking low fat, calorie free, fat free, foods are good for us. If it’s not the marketing machine that’s sucking us in to their lies it’s the sneaky tricks of adding heaps of sugar or MSG disguised in it’s many pseudonyms. We are becoming addicted to this junk because we are never quenching our bodies basic needs and that is to provide it with plain fresh water daily, instead we choose not to drink water because we think the body can get the fluids from all the processed commercial junk out there.

To compound issues, many medical practitioners are unaware of just how important water is to the many chemical reactions that happen every minute of every hour of the day. Chronic dehydration will lead to the loss of function of many of the body systems. This is a basic mistake and one that has prevented modern medicine from moving forwards. Instead doctors are lead by the multi billion dollar pharmaceutical to prescribe drugs that merely mask the symptoms of disease. They do not cure disease. Again, if we look to the start of this article many of these diseases are caused by chronic dehydration and poor nutrition doctors are failing to check patients nutritional and hydration habits before they prescribe drugs. Adding chemicals to an already stressed body is only going to compound the issue until the patient is taking more than one type of medication which brings on more problems. Eventually the patient dies of a “labelled” disease which could have been prevented if the route cause of the problem was sought.

There needs to be a complete U-turn and paradigm shift with modern medicine, doctors and scientists should spend more money on preventing disease happening in the first place and this starts with the most basic of education. Correct nutrition following the EAT Smart principles and an optimal hydration plan should be filtered down to everyone. Parents especially need to be informed of the dangers of poor hydration for their children. It should also form a part of the education of these school children. Painting a proper picture of the dangers of poor hydration should help.

In closing this article I recommend that you increase your daily water intake to one litre for every 50lb of body weight to start and to remove all other beverages.

Again, this is the first article in a series that I plan on doing on the importance of proper hydration. Your feed back during these is very much appreciated.

Until then,

Train Hard, Eat Smart,

Marc Kent

Author: www.CommandoFitnessBlueprint.com

Author: Total Body Breakthroughs




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