How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted

Hope you are AWESOME,


Want to know how to get everything you every wanted?


Of course you do 🙂


Ready? Ok here’s how….


Decide what you want, commit to it and follow through by taking action each and every day until you get it.


Sounds too easy doesn’t it?


The thing is, because it sounds too easy people never do the things that they say they want to do. The most successful people in the world (at anything) decide what they want and keep taking action towards getting it.


But here’s the key, successful know what they want and exactly why they want it. Conversely most people fail at things because they haven’t really dug deep enough into the reasons why they are doing things. They don’t have a big enough reason why.


Find your reason why and the how will take care of itself.


So how do you really know what you want?


By asking questions.


Lots of em, until you get to the reason behind the reason


What questions do you need to ask?


Easy: What? Why?  When? What?


The first question you need to ask yourself is “What is it I want?”


Be specific, there’s not point in saying I’d like to lose weight. It’s not definite enough and it’s definitely not inspiring enough. You need to set what I like to call “BSG’s”.




You know the ones that get you excited, the ones that send a shiver down your spine; the ones that make you say, “That would be AWESOME!”


For instance, my passion and what I believe is my purpose in this world is to spread the word on health, natural eating and that is why I wrote the EAT Smart Diet Solution. I want to change people’s perception of what a healthy diet consists of and how implementing the EAT Smart Diet Solution into their lifestyle readers of the book will enjoy a fit and healthy life and will also find that many of their symptoms will get better or disappear altogether

Therefore one of my goals is to get the EAT Smart Diet Solution into as many peoples hands as possible and that is why I plan to give away at least ten thousand copies in the next 5 years. If I can do that, imagine how many lives I could change for the better. And I would feel AWESOME that I’ve had a positive impact on 10’000 people’s health.


Once you’ve figured out your “what” you need to figure out your “why?”


The “why?” is normally the hardest part for most people, for instance people often go on a diet because “I’d like to lose some weight” but then struggle to follow through on the program and soon look for ways to fail. They never truly commit to it because they don’t have a big enough reason WHY


Ultimately if it was just about dropping a bit of weight on the scales they would have done it already. They wouldn’t have let life get in the way or uttered the words “one wont hurt”.


But as you know, one does hurt if you can’t stop at one or you think “sod it, I’ve failed and eat the whole pack”


So to find your big why, you need to dig deep down, and for some people this part can be really uncomfortable. So keep asking why until you’ve run out of answers.


Here’s how you find your big why


“I want to lose 10lb while on the EAT Smart program”


“Because I want to look better”


“Because I’ve got a holiday in 2 months that I want to look good for”


Because I don’t want to feel self conscious in my shorts on the beach”


Just keep digging until you get to your real reason why, and tell the truth in every single answer. If you lie to yourself you will never achieve what you want. The truth shall set you free J


Once you’ve figure out your why, you need to figure out your when. In the example above I said I plan to give away 10’000 copies of the EAT Smart within the next 5 years. I set a deadline, something to aim for.


With the weight loss example I used I said “I wanted to ose 10lb for a holiday in 2 months”


Setting deadlines gives you something to aim for, something definite. If you don’t set a deadline, it will never get done.


So know you know your what, your why and your when, now you need to figure out what you are going to do about it. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you sit down and plan exactly what you are going to do to achieve what you have said you are going to achieve. One you’ve made the plan, make a commitment to follow through each and every day until you reach your target.




In the weight loss example it could be as simple as following the EAT Smart Diet Solution 100% without deviation for the two months and following a SMART training program.


To take that a stage further and really take charge of your goals is to create daily action steps that move you forever closer to your goals, they also keep you on track. How? Each day write down three things that you must do before you go to bed to guarantee you reach your goal and then don’t go to bed until you do what you said you are going to.


Then before you go to bed check your list to see of you had done them. If you haven’t completed your tasks, ask yourself three simple questions: If not, why not? Is there still time do something about it? Am I still on track?


By making yourself more accountable and taking at least 3 steps in the right direction each and every day you will get to where you want to be faster than ever.


So a quick recap:

  • Decide WHAT you want. Set BIG SCARY GOALS
  • Find your big WHY
  • Set a deadline by deciding on your WHEN
  • Then commit to a plan deciding WHAT you are going to do about it each and every day until you get it


Every action causes reaction. So make every action you take a positive one.


Be awesome,


Marc Kent author EAT Smart Diet Solution



Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution. Get Your FREE copy here: EAT Smart Diet Solution