I’ve been talking about being AWESOME all week without really explaining what I mean. To me, being AWESOME isn’t just a word that I’ve been throwing around. Far too many people use the word “willy nilly” (I love that saying a kudos to whoever coined it 🙂


Anyway, I’ve developed a set of life principles over the last few days, mainly for me. I’d like to share them with you as I know anyone who engages and follows these principles will themselves become AWESOME


Ok, here goes: AWESOME

A is for Attitude & Actions

Our attitude towards things has a massive bearing on the outcome of any actions we take. Having a positive attitude towards anything we engage in increases the chances of success massively.

Our actions define who we are. Are we acting in accordance of who we are and more importantly what we want to become?

Are we acting in accordance of the goals we have?

Do we know our life’s purpose, are we acting in accordance of our purpose? Are you being “on purpose”

W is for Wisdom

Wisdom is knowledge applied.

People say knowledge is power put we are powerless unless we alpy what we know. We all know that we should be more health, do more exercise etc but most people do not.

Do what you know and you become powerful beyond measure.

E is for Eliminate All Toxins.

Eliminate all toxic thoughts, words, actions.

Harbouring toxic thoughts leads to pain and suffering, our own. Don’t hate, don’t dispise and don’t wish unwell thoughts on others. Don’t engage in activities that cause others to become disempowered.

Follow the EAT Smart Lifestyle

The EAT Smart Diet Solution is an holistic approach to whole body health and healing. By eliminating all fooods that the body treats as toxins you allow your body to heal and regenerate while reducing your markers for disease.

 S is for SMART Training

Sequence days of Metabolic Acceleration training with Resistance Training. Add in days of Rest, Regeneration & Recovery and you will reduce body fat, increase muscle strength and endurance while decreasing your disease markers and reverse or slowing down the “aging process”

O is for Optimal Alignment.

Are our thoughts, words and actions in alignment of who we are and what we want to be.

Discover your purpose in life by asking questions of yourself. Think act and do in accordance of your purpose and goals.

 M is for Motivate & Inspire.

Motivate and inspire others by being the best you can be. Empower yourself by knowing your truth. Empower others by helping them find their truth.

 E is for Enjoyment

Enjoy life, don’t make it a chore.

We only have one shot at this. Don’t drift through life with no purpose. Engaging in everything you do. Be present in your conversations.

Make a commitment to live a life worth living.



Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution