How Are You Going To Make 2013 Better Than 2012??

Now that we have said goodbye to 2012, what are you going to do to make 2013 any different?

If you’re like most people you make vague, half arsed resolutions to maybe stop smoking, maybe go on a diet and lose some weight, maybe go on that dream holiday, maybe write your first book and maybe get a better job.

But in the cold light of when the finally hangover finally wears off you rubbish those resolutions and make your excuses about why you can’t stop smoking, why you can’t lose any weight, that you can’t afford to go on holiday, why you “don’t know enough to write a book” and why you’ll be stuck in that dead end job for the rest of your life.

But for one tiny moment, whether you were drunk or not those resolutions meant something to you, even if only for a brief moment, otherwise they wouldn’t of been at the top of your consciousness.

And the trouble is if you let those goals go and just think that it was wishful thinking then you’re going to be hitting New Years Eve 2013 moaning your arse off saying that “2013 was a crap year, hope 2014 is better”

But let me just call bullshit on that thought.

Only you can make things happen in your life, your thoughts, words and actions define who you are and who you’ll become and wishy washy hopes that somehow a magical genie will grant you all your wishes and deliver your perfect year is just, well bullshit!!

If you want something bad enough it’s up to you to make it happen. But you’ve got to want it enough. Being only half serious about stopping smoking is not going to make you magically stop. The same is true with the “I’ll stop after this pack” but mysteriously that pack never seems to run out. I’ve seen it happen to many a person and despite all the “smoking causes cancer” labels and TV ads it’s clearly not a powerful enough motivator for you.

So if stopping smoking is on your list of things to do in 2013 do it now, don’t wait until you’ve finished your current pack, don’t wait until your birthday in May or until after your holiday in July. Do it now and live a longer, happier life. And if you need support to help you through the hard times when getting through your addiction seek it from friends, family or even dedicated support group. There’s no shame in asking for help. Ultimately I can’t make you stop; only you can if you really want to.

Ok, moving onto weight loss and going on a diet. I bet if I was to ask 100 people what their New Years resolution was last year I bet there would be a massive percentage that said they wanted to lose weight in 2012 and I bet there would be a high percentage of those that either failed to lose any weight at all or lost some only to gain it all back again.

And why do you think this happens?

It’s not because you “can’t lose weight” or that you are meant to be fat. Plain and simple it comes down to a lack of commitment.

Sure, anyone can go on a diet in the short term, cutting back on calories until they get to their target weight before returning to eating normally again. Trouble is, most people’s normal isn’t healthy and so when they eat the same quantities that they did before they went on the diet the weight comes back with a vengeance.

You see, when you go on a reduced calorie diet that allows you to eat junk food you deprive the body of vital nutrients that it needs to repair and regenerate every single cell. You also put a massive burden on the liver as it tries, in vein, to detoxify all the crap that you are throwing into your mouth.

Plain and simple, eating junk, even “diet” junk foods will lead to increased toxins being built up in the body. Toxins as you can imagine are dangerous and so to protect the body the toxins are pumped into the fat cells leading to weight gain.

Eventually as the toxins start to build up you start to show symptoms of disease. This is your body’s cry for help, it’s a cry to say, and “we have reached toxic threshold here, and please do something”.

Trouble is most people do nothing and blame their constant colds, headaches, stiffness, IBS, etc. on anything but what they are doing to themselves. Once sick, the average person them pays a visit to their GP who diagnoses them with a “symptom” and if by magic the pharmaceutical industry has got just the pill to cure your current ill.

But in reality that doesn’t solve the problem. All and I mean all chemical medications are toxic to the body, which further adds to the insult on the liver, and you eventually need more medications to suppress the new symptoms that you develop. It’s a vicious cycle that will continue to go on until you decide to becoming healthy.

So how do you do that? Simple really, replace all foods that are toxic to the humans body with fresh organic whole foods and drink plenty of water. For a full program on how to do that as well as lose up to 23lb in 21 days check out the video on the EAT Smart “At Home” Challenge website:

Writing a book isn’t as hard as it may at first seem. Everyone has his or her own story to tell. It’s just a case of sitting down and extracting that story from your head on to paper. Which for me is sometimes the hardest part because I try to make things perfect from the get go. But in honesty it really doesn’t have to be perfect, at least the first draft of your book.

Finally, nobody is going to give you that pay rise or that perfect job if you don’t display a passion for what you are doing. You have to deserve a pay rise; you have to deserve your perfect job. So rise to the occasion, be the perfect employee and work your ass off. No, I’m not saying kiss ass, you still have to keep your morals but you wont get anywhere if you don’t make a change.

Ultimately everything I’ve said can be summed up in this one question: “If you keep doing what you did last year, will it get you the change that you want this year?”

Don’t let 2013 slip through you fingers. Grab it, shake it up and make things happen.