Gemma lost 13.2lb and 15.6 inches, in 21 Days

So the 21 Day EAT Smart Challenge has now come to an end, and yes I am going to miss it!!!!


I heard about the programme through e-mails that I subscribed to through Marc’s website. Reading Marc’s words describing the challenge and the potential results I couldn’t resist, however I have to admit I was a little sceptical as I had tried ‘fad diets’ before and some exercise with little or no results. I can honestly say that Marc’s exercise and food ethics are flawless.


When I first started the challenege, if I’m truely honest, I didnt warm to Marc straight away (sorry Marc) i guess i thought he was very serious and strict. After my first session i soon realised that he only behaved this way because he truely believes in what he is teaching. I now genuinely like him and am a true believer in the programme. I found it easy to relate to Kerry as like Marc she believes in the programme and is walking living proof of the results.


I expected to obvioulsy loose some weight, however nowhere near what I have lost, other than that I really didnt know what to expect. Now that I have finished the programme and reflected on my experience, yes I lost weight and inches, but more than that I have gained confidence, I am happier in myself, I have more energy to play with my son, I sleep better and my skin is spot free YEY!!!!!!


The EAT Smart Diet Solution programme, once I had read over it a few times and looked at the example receipes it was very easy to follow. I didnt really feel hungry at all, and I never had snacks between meals either, I think for me this is because I had a large glass of water before and after meals. I also enjoyed experimenting with homemade soups and using herbs and spices in my cooking.


As strange as it may seem I never felt alone doing this challenge, firstly I met some lovely other bootcampers that were always there to talk to, normally feeling the same way I was, lol. If ever I had a question or wanted some reassurance both Marc and Kerry were there to help both in person and on the website, however I got the feeling that if I really needed to speak to them I could of rang them and either one of them would have been more than happy to offer there support.


MY RESULTS: 13.2lb weight loss and 15.6 inch loss, to say I was pleased is and understatement. I was totally shocked and over the moon I never thought it would be possible.


I would recommend this challenege to anyone who is serious about wanting to shift the excess weight, I recommended it to my dad and he has signed up to the next challenege. This challenge is not for the lighthearted, you have to be commited and whigning is not an option.


I can safely say this challenege has give me the kick I needed. By no means has it been easy, alot of sweat has been shed however nothing worth doing is ever easy



You too can get the same AWESOME results from the 21 day challenge, just go to the link below to find out full details

21 Day EAT Smart Challenge