Confidence, where does it come from?

In my conversations with people in person as well as on Facebook I often have people judge their perceived lack of results based upon what someone else has achieve and they often tell me things like “it’s ok for her, she’s confident” or that “she has more willpower than me”

Well I’m going to call bullshit on that!!

Sorry to burst your bubble but confidence isn’t something that given, it’s something that you create.

Sure some kids are born a little shy and some more confident but I truly believe that confident children are more a product of nurture than nature. Kids want to explore, they want to learn and above all they want to do stuff. But in our safety conscious world we have become over proactive, as we know as adult that if you fall it will more often than not hurt. So we try to wrap our children in a bubble based upon our perceived fears.

Now that all sounds very well but it means that our children are growing up afraid to try new things, afraid to get muddy and develop a fear of doing something that is outside their ‘comfort zone’

As we grow up these same perceived fears linger and so we think we cannot do things, such as start up our own business, write that book that you’ve always wanted to, enrol on a course so you can learn new things or even go on a weight loss diet and succeed.

We tell ourselves that we can’t do it because we don’t have the confidence. Trouble is fear brings failure due to a lack of trying. How do you know you will fail if you don’t even try?

As I mentioned, I believe that confidence isn’t really something that you are born with. It is nurtured, mostly from childhood but THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNOT become more confident as you get older.

Sow how do you become more confident? By getting out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be by much. For instance if you are scared of heights I’m not telling you to go bungee jump off a bridge or jump out of a plane but you can set yourself small challenges.

Each day look to do something small, something that is a bit of a challenge but not something that is so big it is going to overwhelm you, as that will cause you to freeze, procrastinate and bring about the feelings of fear that you might not be able to do something. Again, small achievable targets that need a little effort can see you building up your confidence as each day you win small victories over your fears.

Building a team around you can also help. This is one of the reasons why my 21-Day Fat Loss Blueprint is so successful. There is a team of people all working together towards one common goal. Fears are shared and overcome as part of the group as you achieve daily victories as you move towards a leaner, healthier, slimmer and more toned you.

The next 21-Day Fat Loss Blueprint starts tomorrow. If you would like me to guide you towards a new you while having the support of other people who are going through the same challenges as you then click this link and get signed up.

Whatever you decide, have a great weekend 🙂