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 Foam Rollers

 foam roller

In an ideal world you would be able to get yourself a Integrated Manual Therapy session or Sports Massage on a regular basis, but we’re not all elite levels athletes earning elite athlete pay.


With that said, foam rolling is the next best thing.

Foam Rollers are used for “Self Myofascial Release”, you can order one from Amazon by click the link below:
66Fit Elite Foam Roller- Blue, 15 cm X 45 cm




Dumbbells are essential to building strength which will help to increase your bodies natural fat burning capabilities.

For ladies the Confidence Pro set is an ideal place to start.

Click the link below to order a pair from Amazon.

Confidence PRO 15kg/33lbs Dumbbell Weights Set

For guys, a slightly heavier set, such as the York 20kg set would be ideal.

Click the link below to order from Amazon

York 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set