Health Tips From Actress Jerry Hall

jerry hallI recently heard an interview with the American actress and model Jerry Hall who continues to look great at 56 years young.

Her health tips are straight out of the EAT Smart Diet Solution and are 3 simple things that anyone can do to live a healthy life.

Tip 1. Drink plenty of fresh water.

Water keeps the body hydrated, helps to flush toxins from the system which can help prevent the build up of cellulite. Water also aids

in digestion and keeps your skin looking youngerTip 2. Get plenty of sleep.

While you are sleeping your body is working hard to regenerate itself. It’s also when the bodies fat burning hormones are at their highest. Getting plenty of sleep not only helps your body heal, reduces stress and helps speed up your fat burning

Tip 3. Grow your own organic vegetables.

While not everyone has the garden space or the time to grow their own organic vegetables, how ever making organic food the backbone of your healthy nutrition plan ensures that your get plenty of vitamins and minerals without the risk of poisoning your body from toxic chemicals.

If buying organic seems too expensive then why not club together with some like minded friends and get an allotment between you. That way you can all benefit from eating organic whilst reducing the costs



Marc Kent author EAT Smart Diet Solution



Quick Exercise Tip

To get the most out of your workout and the biggest bang for your buck and to make the quickest improvements in your body concentrate on the quality of the reps peformed rather than then quantity.


By concentrating on weight you can lift or the amount of reps you can do can lead to a whole host of problems.


Piss poor exercise performance will lead to faulty movement patterns, poor muscle recruitment, synergistic dominance, arthrokinetic inhibition, pain and injury.


And once your injured you could be unable to exercise for a long period of time, therefore setting your fitness and fat loss efforts back maybe 1 week, 4 weeks or 4 months. Just think all that hard work wasted.


So concentrate on mastering every single exercise. Fitness is a skill, just like sport. To become “good at fitness” you have to practice it, but practice it perfectly.


Because practice doesn’t make perfect.


Practice makes permanent.


Only perfect practice makes perfect!


Marc Kent author EAT Smart Diet Solution



EXPOSED: Three Myths Of Fat Loss

The fat loss industry is rife with myths and lies, all designed to ensure that you fail on your quest for a leaner healthier body.


Most of the lies are told by the multi billion dollar “diet” industry that tells you to drink this skinny shake or that diet pill so that you buy there snake oil with the only thing getting lighter is your wallet or purse.


Today I’m going to expose three of the biggest myths in the fat loss industry and offer you three tips to ensure you reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.


Fat Loss Myth One: You Must Count Calories To Lose Fat


This myth rears its ugly head all the time and at first glance it might seem obvious that counting calories is a sure fire way to lose fat.


But unfortunately its not as simple as eat less, move more. And deep down I think you know its true. We all have a friend that can eat and eat all day long and not gain an ounce in weight. Conversely, we all have a friend who simply looks at a cake and the pounds pile on. This is because there are greater forces at play than simple calories.


And to understand how these forces work and why they make calorie counting redundant we first need to understand.


What is a calorie and how it applies to the human body?


A calorie is the amount of heat that required to raise the temperature of water by 1 degree Celsius. To get the calorific value of foods they are placed in a “calorimeter and burned to see how much heat they give off and thus give us the calorie value you see on food labels.


Which sounds all well and good but since when did burning foods in a machine in a controlled experiment relate to the human body?


Exactly, it doesn’t!


The calories in vs. calories out theory has been twisted to fit us. Granted the human body uses energy to live but this is constantly changing and no two people use this energy in exactly the same way as our body is a constant state of unbalance with many factors acting to determine how much energy we use.


Most people have heard of the term “metabolic rate” which refers to how many “calories” the body uses per day. It’s like the tick over in your car. You turn the engine on and the car burns fuel at a constant rate while ticking over. Put your foot on the gas and it burns more fuel.


But our metabolism isn’t as predictable as a cars tick over as its in a constant state of flux with many hormones acting upon our body at once altering our metabolic rate.


For instance, if you become stressed the body releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is an activating hormone and get our body for action, whether that be getting up on a morning or running/fighting for our life as part of the fight or flight response.


But cortisol also has a downside, as it suppresses your recovery and regeneration hormones testosterone and human growth hormone. If testosterone is suppressed then its opposite hormone oestrogen will elevate.


Elevated oestrogen levels can lead to mood swings, insomnia, insulin resistance and weight gain, especially around the hips, butt and tummy region. Men will also increase the chance of developing man boobs.


But that’s not all; elevated oestrogen levels will suppress your thyroid hormone. Your thyroid is responsible for dictating the speed of your metabolism, or to put it another way, the speed at which your body’s engine ticks over.

And if your metabolism has been slowed down then the value of the “calories” in the food you are eating goes up. So if your body is under stress that 100 calories diet bar could be worth 200 calories, or in a chronic situation it might be worth 300 calories.


And that is why counting calories is a waste of time for the most part. If it was 100% true 100% of the time for 100% of people then everyone who cuts calories would lose weight but we all know that to be true. As I mentioned above we all know some one can eat as much as they want and never gain weight and other who are only eating 500 calories per day on those skinny shake diets and still put on weight.


Imagine how stressful it would be to only eat 500 calories per day and still gain weight. And this is only the stress that we perceive; the human body becomes stressed constantly. For instance if you don’t drink enough water your body becomes stressed. If you drink alcoholic or caffeinated beverages your body becomes stressed. If you don’t get enough sleep your body becomes stressed. Pretty much anything and everything can affect your body’s stress levels on a hormonal level.


So What Can You Do About It?


The EAT Smart Diet Solution removes all foods that are known to cause a stress the body and encourages a lifestyle change to more nutritious foods. By implementing the EAT Smart Diet Solution for at least 30 days you will help reboot your body’s metabolism as well as detoxify all the organs of the body. Doing this will result in not only a cleaner, less stressed internal environment but you will also find you have more energy, your skin and hair will begin to glow and as a side effect you should drop a load of unwanted body fat.



Fat Loss Myth Two: You Have To Do Tons Of Cardio In Your “Fat Burning Zone” To Burn Fat


This myth follows on from the calories in vs. calories out myth from above, trouble is once you start with the cardio your on a hiding to nothing.


The “fat burning zone” does exist BUT it is flawed when it come to rapid fat loss


I’ll explain.


When you exercise in your “fat burning zone” you burn a higher percentage of the calories from fat which all sounds very good initially and that why you see thousands of people pounding away on treadmills or on the elliptical trainers as they get hooked on the initial result, granted you will lose weight when you first start a cardio program – if you’ve not exercised for a long time or if you’ve never exercised at all – BUT the results soon come to a grinding holt.


This is because the body is very good at adapting to the stimuli of steady state cardio. Think about it, the first time you ran a mile you might of found it hard, but the second time it was easier and the third time easier still etc. and you would have likely lost weight as your body adapted to your one mile run.


Over time you would have noticed the results dry up and so you decide to run two miles, which initially was harder but just like you adapted to running one mile your body adapted to two miles and this continues until you are running for an hour a day every day.


Which is brilliant if you have the time and you love running but there is a far better way and one in which you can burn more calories in a shorter period of time but also set your body up to burn more calories after exercise through an after burn effect.


By training harder you will  increase  your Excess Post Oxygen Consumption or EPOC which means you will burn more calories after your workout.


How To Do It


Try adding circuits of alternating exercises and work at as hard as you can for 30 seconds at a time with 15 seconds rest between each exercise.


For instance you could do the following 5-exercise circuit for 5 rounds.


  • • Press Ups
  • • Squats
  • • Recline Rows
  • • Reverse Lunges
  • • Burpees


To do the workout you would do 30 seconds of press ups followed by 15 seconds rest, then 30 seconds of squats with 15 seconds rest. Do this until you have completed all 5 exercises. This is one round. Perform 5 total rounds.


Exercising in this manner will not only burn a ton of calories during the session but will rev up your metabolism for up to 36 hours afterwards meaning you will burn more fat than conventional cardio training.


Fat Loss Myth Three: Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky


If was paid a pound for every lady who told me that lifting weights makes you bulky I would be a very rich man indeed and I’d probably be writing this article on a beach somewhere in Bali



But I don’t and so I’m writing it in sunny North Devon.



This myth is one of the biggest lies that is ultimately holding most women back from getting the lean toned body that they want. And there really is no foundations for this myth to stand.



So where does it come from?



Maybe it comes from all the images of all the pumped up men that grace the covers of body building magazines. Thing is most of the men you see on the covers of these magazines are so full of steroids that they cannot help but grow huge muscles. They also eat a ton of food and train a specific way to grow large muscles.



But the thing is, without these dangerously large doses of steroids most of these men, even the genetically gifted ones would struggle to gain lots of muscle.



Another reason why ladies would perceive that they are “bulking up” is because they think that exercising is an excuse to continue to eat bad. Unfortunately you cannot out train a bad diet, just as you can’t out diet a faulty hormonal system.



When you continue to eat bad while adding a weight training program to your exercise routine you might gain a little bit of muscle, and this is good as the muscle you do gain will increase your metabolic rate allowing you to eat more food without gaining weight, but if you’re not burning the fat off the muscle that sits underneath the fat will get pushed out more giving the appearance of an increase in size.


But as mentioned you’re not bulking up, you’re just not doing the right program and/or you’re using exercise as an excuse to continue to eat cake.



How To Sculpt Lean Sexy Muscles While Burning Fat At The Same Time


If you want to get sexy you’ve got to get strong! Stronger muscles will allow you to carry out your daily tasks more efficiently as well as burn all that unsightly body fat. Getting stronger means lifting heavier and heavier weights, with good form over a period of weeks and months.


One of the best ways to do this is by adding weight training to your fitness program and perform the workout with none competing supersets. This means you would do an exercise for lower body followed by an exercise for your upper body.


For instance you could do a set of 12 squats, rest briefly and then do a set of lat pull downs. You would repeat this 2-3 times. You could then do a set of 12 lunges, rest briefly and then do a set of 12 dumbbell shoulder presses. Again you would repeat that 2-3 times.


The weights that you lift should be heavy enough that you only just manage the twelfth rep while using good form. If it gets sloppy and you have to wriggle around to do it then the weight is too much for you at this present time.


Putting It All Together


Ok so I’ve given you a lot of information there so I’m going to give you my 5 top tips on how to sculpt the lean sexy body that you want.


  1. 1. EAT Smart:  Follow the EAT Smart Diet Solution Program to the letter for at least 30 days. This will not only help you to detoxify your body but by Eliminating All Toxins from your lifestyle you will have a healthier body that will reject body fat rather than store it.
  2. 2. SEE Number One: Seriously, you cannot out train a bad diet and you cannot out diet a bad endocrine system. By eating foods that the body either treats as a toxin or foods that elicit an inflammation response you will cause unneeded stress which will turn your body into a fat storing machine rather than a fat burning machine.
  3. 3. Lift Weights: The amount of muscle you have directly influences the speed of your metabolism. Muscles need food to “live”, so by lifting weights in the manner outlined above you will build lean toned and strong muscles that will give your body shape as well as rev up your metabolism so you burn more fat all day.
  4. 4. Do Smart Cardio: Smart cardio or metabolic conditioning should be carried out after your weight training to really drive up your metabolism through the EPOC response mentioned earlier. By performing a body weight circuit training session straight after your weight training you could be burning fat for up to 36 hours after the training session!
  5. 5. Drink More Water:  Water is the most important nutrient for the body. If we become dehydrated the body will not function properly and will become stressed and by now you know what stress does to you fat loss efforts. Furthermore if you are dehydrated the body will hold onto your fat to dump any toxins that are not being flushed out of the system. So make an effort to drink 1 litre of water per 50lb of bodyweight daily. Add a small pinch of sea salt to the water to aid absorption.


Kerry Kent EAT Smart Diet SolutionBy following these exact protocols Kerry was able to lose over 42lb and go from a UK dress size 16 to an 8 and sculpt a lean sexy body in the process.


In summary, train hard, EAT Smart and lift weights and you’ll get the body that you want.





Marc Kent

Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution

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How Many Calories Does A New Mum Need?

Someone recently asked me a question the other day on how many extra calories someone needs to breast feed their 3 month old. It was part of her nutrition course.


Now I know what the technical answer is, but I don’t like the question.


For instance,  most people don’t really understand what a calorie is.



By definition a calorie is the energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius.


The key part of that sentence is that a calorie is a unit of ENERGY. Our body uses energy as fuel just as a car uses petrol. With petrol the car wont run and without food that the body converts to energy we would die.


Thing is different foods have different energy values. Most people think that protein has 4 calories per gram, carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram, alcohol has 7 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram.


But this is irrelevant as different types of carbs elicit a different metabolic and hormonal response on the body. For instance eating simple carbohydrates on their own can result in a rapid surge in blood sugar levels. This requires the pancreas to release insulin to bring blood sugar back down to normal levels. Unfortunately insulin does its job far too well and you end up with low blood sugar levels.


When this happens the pancreas releases another hormone called glucagon, which signals the liver to convert stored energy into glucose to be used by the body as energy.


Unfortunately most people don’t give the liver enough time to do this and so reach for the sugary snacks for a quick energy burst.



This again results in a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, insulin is release and you then end up storing the sugar somewhere. You liver and muscles are your bodies primary “petrol tanks” but if they are already full that extra sugar you have eaten ends up being stored on your hips, butt and tummy.


And the cycle goes on and on and you end up on a perpetual sugar craving eating cycle that can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.


This all becomes very stressful. Not only mentally as you are constantly having energy crashes, you’re constantly hungry despite always eating and you then start putting on fat.


So not only are you feeling stressed but your body becomes stressed and when that happens things can go from bad to worse!


You see when your body becomes stressed it releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol along with adrenalin, is a stimulating hormone, it prepares the body for fight or flight. In other words it ramps up your energy production and aggression. This response has what has ensured the survival and evolution of the human species.


It was kind of handy to have all this energy and aggression in the face of being eaten by a sabre-toothed tiger or being trampled on by a charging heard of woolly mammoths.



However this response is a little over the top considering all you have been eating sugar all day!


Overtime this overstimulation of the fight or flight response can lead to adrenal fatigue with side effects such as severe aches and pains, muscle weakness, loss of exercise tolerance, brain fog, insomnia, depression and fibromyalgia.


If that’s not all, cortisol can interfere with the rest of your bodies hormones. For instance abnormally high levels of cortisol can adversely affect testosterone levels – not to mention, depress your immune system. Testosterone is need for growth and repair of your muscles, bone strength in males and females, ovary function and sex drive.




So if cortisol suppresses your testosterone, your oestrogen will go up. Rising levels of oestrogen encourages fat to accumulate around the belly, hips, thighs, butt and backs of the arms. Think muffin tops and bingo wings.



But worse is that fat cells themselves produce an enzyme that encourages the body to convert testosterone into oestrogen. So you become more oestrogenic meaning your body becomes a fat storing machine!



If all that wasn’t bad enough, oestrogen suppresses your thyroid hormone. Your thyroid is responsibly for the speed of your metabolism. In effect it controls the speed at which you burn those calories I spoke about at the start of this article. So if your metabolism is slowed down by a suppressed thyroid you will be burning less calories. In effect one calorie in a none stressed body can become 2 or 3 in a stressed body.


This all leads me back to the original question: how many calories does a new mum need while breast feeding her three month old baby?


Answer: Unless you know the exact levels of cortisol, testosterone, oestrogen, thyroid and insulin there isn’t an exact answer, there’s simply too many variables at play.


And chances are the new mum is going to have higher than normal levels of cortisol due to a lack of sleep and the constant demands of said three-month-old child and this is one of the reasons why new mums often find it difficult to lose weight.


So in conclusion, if you’re a new mum you will need to eat a bit more food to match the demands of breast feeding your new born baby but I wouldn’t worry too much about the exact amount. As long as you are following the EAT Smart Diet Solution principles, your body will tell you how much you will need.


Marc Kent


Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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Cardio Confusion

confusedAs a health coach one of the biggest mistakes I see people making is doing endless amounts of cardio for fat loss.


These people have often been pounding away on the treadmill or cross trainer for months, often years in their “fat burning zone” and still look the same as they did when they started.


Often these people get disillusioned by having to do more and more exercise in the hope of seeing just the tiniest change on the scales. Judging your results on the scales is a hiding to nothing, your bodyweight fluctuates daily and can go up by several pounds in a day depending on what you have been eating that day. But that’s another story for another time.


So today, I’d like to spend a few moments clearing this up cardio confusion up and giving you some quick tips on transforming your body.


The fat burning zone DOES EXIST!


There, I’ve said it but is it really the optimal way to burn fat?


One of the roles of the liver is to convert fat into glucose so we can use it as energy, so also long as you haven’t just spiked your blood sugar with carbs you can tap into your fat burning zone while sat on your butt watching TV.


Trouble is, nobody got into the best shape of their life while sitting on their ass watching the tube!!


Ok so I’m being sarcastic but hopefully you get my point.


Thing is cardiovascular exercise will burn fat, as will any exercise but the problem with cardio is that you get better at it, which seems like a good thing as you are able to run further or faster.


However this is the downside to cardio exercise because as your body becomes more and more efficient or better at it you burn less calories during your exercise program


For example, if you burn 400 kcals the first time you go for a run, the next time you do that same sun you might only burn 380 calories and the time after you might only burn 360 calories.


To combat this efficiency you have to run further and further each time to burn the same amount of calories. While in the very beginning you might only be able to run for 10 minutes and then progress to 20 minutes that may seem acceptable. But sooner of later you have to run for an hour or more each day to burn those 400 calories!


Then, and this mainly happens in gyms with the little calorie counter on the treadmills or cross trainers, you think you have been burning off 400 calories each time and you use this to justify eating processed junk as a reward for exercise. Trouble is, when you do this your not actually dipping into your fat bank account and are simply feeding your cardio.


Before I go on let me clear this up: you cannot out exercise a bad diet!


The other problem with cardio exercise is that it makes you store more fat!


By encouraging your body to burn more fat by doing low intensity cardio exercise you actually encourage it to store more fat for fuel.


Another problem with doing too much cardio is that it can stimulate a stress response which can lead to more fat storage while at the same time causing you to break down muscle which in turn leads to a slower metabolism.


The release of cortisol from the increased stress on the body can also lead to a suppressed thyroid compounding the slowing metabolism meaning that you burn less and less calories going about your day to day tasks. Which ultimately will lead to fat gain.


As a side note: did you know that marathon runners have a higher body fat ration that sprinters or athletes who train using short burst interval training such as a pole vaulter. Who ahs the better body?


paula radcliffe, marathon runnerMarathon Runner


pole vaulterPole Vaulter


And finally, unless you are training for an endurance event then it doesn’t make sense to be doing all that cardio for less and less returns. It would be like putting your money in a savings account that earns no interest. Yes you have the money but it’s not doing anything for you. It would make more sense to put it into a high interest account and get a better return on your investment.


And that’s what happens when you use high intensity interval training and train with weights.


Lifting weights will help you to build lean toned muscles that TAKE UP less space than fat so even if you weigh the same on the scales and your body measurements have gone down then you are actually smaller.


The other thing about muscle is it is metabolically active, so it needs food just to be. Ultimately you can eat more food without gaining fat, which is always a bonus are starving yourself thin is no fun and isn’t sustainable. Once you start eating again you’ll pile the weight back on due to your slowed metabolic rate.


So, if you really want to lose weight and get in shape, forget about burning calories in your fat burning zone and instead focus on working hard and EATing Smart.


Marc Kent


Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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3 Fitness Facts

There are a lot of myths, lies and confusion banded about in the health and fitness industry and so I thought I’d share with you these 3 fitness facts.

If you follow the information in the article below you will be well on your way to health, fitness and fat loss success.


Tip 1: Consistency Of Effort Is The Key To Long-Term Fat Loss Success.


Following a well designed program specific to your goals and posture will get you there far faster and with less chance of injury than following a mish mash of exercises that you either like doing or only train the mirror muscles.


Your program should incorporate any corrective exercises and stretches to return your body back to optimal alignment helping to prevent injury.



The same goes for nutrition, you need to be consistent with your efforts. Sticking to the EAT Smart Diet Solution 100% for the first 30 days will give your body a massive reboot and accelerate your recovery from exercise as well as help you lose any stubborn body fat. After the 30 days you may drop down to the 90/10 rule. This means if you are eating 3 meals per day, over the course of the week you will be allowed 2-3 treats. Just don’t go mad!


Tip 2: Ditch The Steady State Cardio.


Steady state cardio is boring as hell and takes far to long to get the kind of fat loss results you are looking for. By switching the steady state cardio for some high intensity interval training you could burn tons more fat and what’s more you could get an awesome workout done in less than 10 minutes. The key to this is the intensity, you have to work hard, VERY BLOODY HARD!


The harder you work, the more you rev up your metabolism through the EPOC effect


Tip 3: Lift Weights To Burn Fat


Studies have compared weight training to aerobic exercise and found that whilst both groups lost the same amount of weight on the scales, the group that lifted weights only lost fat.


However the aerobics group lost 8% of their weight from muscle!


Remember that muscle is metabolically active, the more you have the more calories you burn even while doing nothing. Another plus to gaining a little muscle is that it takes up less space.


 So if you lost 5lb of fat but through hard training you gained 5lbs of muscle you would be smaller even though you weigh the same on the scales.


So forget about the pink dumbbells and challenge yourself, your body will thank you for it. Conversely, lifting little weights for high reps will actually lead to more muscle volume (think bulkier), through a response known as sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. So you get bigger muscles but no increase in strength. Kind of like all show and no go!


Whereas research has shown that using heavy weights in the 90% of one rep max range causes muscle failure to occur before a growth stimulus has been sent to the cells. So you get stronger but you don’t get muscle size.


So there you go, Three Fitness Facts to help to you reach your Fitness and Fat Loss goals Faster 🙂


Marc Kent


Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution

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3 Tips To Better Health


Warning: Do Not Read If Easily Offended

As a holistic health specialist and personal trainer I really admire people who decide to change their health for the better by following an exercise and healthy eating program.


Whether that is following my EAT Smart Diet Solution program and fitness program or someone else I totally respect them, as it often takes a lot of courage to walk into a personal training studio, gym or even one of the local weekly weight loss clubs.


Often people, especially the overweight feel self conscious of how they appear and worry more about what other people think of them. In fact its often this fear of what others think that puts a lot of people off walking into a personal training studio or gym in the first place.


Their concern is that they are too fat and that everyone else there is already super human fit and that the gym is full of men like built like Ryan Reynolds or ladies that look like Jessica Alba



And even if there are members in good shape, people often forget that they too hard to have a first exercise session at some point. Maybe they too felt the same way as you do now.


So what does tell you?


That once you take that first stop across the door you might be pleasantly surprised to find normal every day people that have taking that first step themselves and if you look at their shoes they may have taken a 1000 steps further than you metaphorically speaking.


And those people who have been were you are will be more than willing to support you on your journey.


So if you are thinking about taking that first step on the road to a fitter, healthier you then I’d like to share with you these tips that will make that journey not only quicker but safer too.



Tip 1: Hire A Professional


It’s very tempting to go up the gym with the big arms pumping out the bicep curls or the hot looking lady and ask them for advice. It’s easy to think that because they’re in good shape so they must know what they are talking about.


Just because a person appears to be in incredible shape doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing, or MORE IMPORTANTLY that they are qualified to help other people in their quest for fitness and health.


Often people who are in shape either got there by accident and maybe suffered a few injuries along the way, or they were in pretty good shape from the get go and have no experience of going from fat to thin.


Hiring a professional who has a proven track record of helping people like yourself get the kind of results that you want is quite possibly the best investment you could make for your health.


A professional will be able to give you a training program that is designed for your body as it is now. A properly structured and designed program should incorporate corrective exercise elements to bring your posture back into alignment and improve the integrity of your kinetic chain. Simply follow a mates program, one from the magazines or copying the fit guy or girl in the gym could be a recipe for injury and disaster.


Tip 2: Follow A Principle Based Nutrition Program


Diet! It’s a scary word and one that has many people feeling like a failure before they even start one.


“I can’t stick to a diet”


I’ve heard that sentence hundreds of times and it’s not that the person saying it has no will power, its just the diets that they have followed up to now have failed them.


Most diets have you focusing on counting calories, checking points or drinking disgusting shakes. The fact is that any diet that has you behaving like this is doomed. You cannot live your life with a calorie pocket book in your bag or checking points or mixing shakes.


You become a slave to eating.


And because these kinds of diets allow you to eat crap, yes that is a technical word for junk you have to eat less of it to lose weight.


Trouble is, all that crap messes with your bodies hormones so much that you either crave it or it your metabolism gets screwed and so you end up gaining fat even when you’re only eating 500 calories per day.


So, how about a little common sense?


The EAT Smart Diet Solution isn’t so much as a diet but a change in thinking. Human’s evolved eating natural, organic meats, fruits and vegetables and we did it with hardly any of the disease that is killing modern man.



Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma are all modern diseases brought about by our excessive eating of processed crap that is not designed to nourish our body’s, but instead line the wallets of the food manufacturers making it.



They haven’t got your best interest at heart, they only care about their bank balance.


You are the only person responsible for your health and you owe to yourself, and your kids if you have any to look after yourself, because who will look after your kids if you became ill?


Did I gilt trip you there? Maybe that was my intention!


Sometimes when we are told the stone cold truth it finally hits home the dangers of eating crap.


Or maybe you’re thinking who does he think he is talking to me like this?


At the end of the day, I’m not trying to offend you but you can’t escape that question now that I’ve presented it.


Tip 3: Drink More Water


I’ve been beating this drum about water for a long time now and I’ll continue to do so for a long time.


Chronic dehydration and it’s side effects coupled with our addiction to is the biggest cause of all the health issues we see in modern man today.


If you haven’t read “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water: You’re Not Sick; You’re Thirsty” then please grab a copy ASAP and read it from cover to cover. It is probably one of the best books on health you could ever read?


Want to drop 30lb of weight by doing one thing?


Then drink 1 litre of water for every 50lb of bodyweight.


Sceptical? Then grab yourself a copy.


So there you go, three tips on changing your health for the better.


Sorry it turned into a bit of a rant but sometimes these things need to be said.



Marc Kent


Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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Quick Tips To Prevent The Winter Weight Gain

With Christmas rapidly approaching and the lure of office parties, visiting family, extra “nights out” filled with alcohol and foods that you normally wouldn’t eat you could find your self consuming thousands of calories more than your body needs.


Add to that the stress and the rush to buy that “must have” Christmas gift for your little one or your significant other.


The combined effect of the above is bad enough but when you factor in that most people let their fitness take a back seat on the run up to the holidays uttering words like “I’ll start again in the New Year” then is it any wonder that the average person gains up to 10lb as we close out the year?


So I thought I’d offer the following tips to help prevent the dreaded weight gain over the next few weeks and maybe, if you follow the steps laid out below you could actually start 2012 in your best shape ever.

The first thing to be ditched on the run up to Christmas is the healthy nutrition. As you pile in the stodge you’ll begin to pile on the podge!


The biggest mistake you can make when going to parties where food is on offer is to skip your normal meals and go with an empty stomach thinking that by starving yourself through the day you’ll be able to get away with gorging at the buffet table. This is nutritional suicide!


When you consider the first thing you get offered at a party is an alcoholic beverage on an empty stomach this going to set off a hormonal cascade that will cause you to crave sugary foods and leave you with a banging headache the next morning.


I’ll explain, alcohol is a pure sugar and is rapidly absorbed through the stomach and into the blood stream. This is going to cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket (not good if you’re a diabetic).


When your blood sugar levels rise to a certain point the pancreas releases insulin to store the sugar from the alcohol, this is going to result in low blood sugar levels causing you to crave sugar and carbs, why do you think you get the munchies when you’ve been out on the town? Now considering most people over eat carbs in the first place, all this extra sugar is going to be stored in your reserve fuel tank. Namely your fat stores.


The digestion and elimination of alcohol causes a massive amount of stress to your body and your liver. Add in the fact that alcohol acts as a diuretic, causing you to pee out more liquid than you take in, causing yet more stress.


Dehydration will leave you craving sugar as well as feeling tired and hungry.


Also, if you are dehydrated your kidney’s won’t be able to their job of processing and eliminating toxins from your body, this will cause your liver to step in to help your kidneys out. This all sounds good but if your liver is taking on your kidneys responsibilities it wont be able to concentrate on many of its own tasks. One of which is the production of sex hormone binding globulin, or SHBG.


SHBG is responsible for mopping up the excess sex hormones floating around your body. And since alcohol suppresses testosterone which in turn allows oestrogen to build up the result is fat gain. Man boobs anyone?


So, where does this leave us?


  • Be sure to EAT Smart throughout the build up to the Christmas period so as not to cause any additional digestive stress on your body.
  • Don’t arrive at a party with an empty stomach. Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach leave you craving sugar and contribute to fat gain.
  • Drink plenty of water. This will help to keep you feeling full so you don’t feel hungry and help prevent you from becoming dehydrated from alcohol consumption.
  • Continue to exercise. Chose high intensity sessions over long drawn out cardio. Long cardio sessions will stress the body, elevating your cortisol levels, leading to long term muscle breakdown. You want to rev up your metabolism by working hard not slow it down by working slow!

The above tips will help you to prevent the Christmas weight creep ensuring that you don’t increase your waistline over the festive season. I’m not saying go tee-total, just ensure that you think of the bigger picture so that when you do indulge you don’t sabotage your health and fitness goals.


Train Hard, EAT Smart,


Marc Kent


Author: EAT Smart Diet Solution


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